Don’t risk falling with slippery shoes.. Apply Slide Stoppers to your shoes Now!

You’ll be happy to see how slide stoppers
prevent you from falling.


Buy a set of Slide Stoppers Today!

Slide Stoppers was invented to prevent slippage and falling which could cause serious bodily harm. Why take a risk? Purchase your pair of Slide Stoppers and feel safe about walking again!


Easy to install

Our Slide Stoppers can be applied to any Shoe, Sneaker, Boot and in any size. Our Slide Stoppers can be cut to adapt to any shoes.

Slide Stoppers are very Comfortable!

Our Slide Stoppers are very comfortable & Shock Absorbent. This gives you the cushion you need for extended walking.

Prevent Falling or Slipping Causing Bodily Harm

Our Slide Stoppers serve a constructive purpose by significantly helping to prevent slipping and falls which cause numerous unnecessary injuries. 

Slide Stoppers
give you
Non Slip Confidence!

There is no need to fall first to realize your shoes are slippery. Don’t wait until you fall or slip. Don’t put your health and well being at risk. Be proactive and purchase Slide Stoppers! Our product gives you Non-Slip Confidence!

Customer Testimonials

I work in the city and have to commute to clients every day. I saw these Slide Stoppers and thought this would be a good idea for me since the weather gets crazy and the sidewalks, streets or train station platforms are not perfect. I bought myself a pair so I have a good grip on any terrain. I’m glad I did!

John Hanson
Tech Support, 35 years old

I’m starting to wear more heels to my new job. I already slipped at work, but luckily I didn’t get hurt. Someone recommended Slide Stoppers and I thought I would give it a try. I simply cut the slide Stoppers to the exact match of my shoe soles. That’s it, I don’t slip at work anymore. They are very comfortable and add a cushion to my shoes I wasn’t even expecting. Thank you Slide Stoppers!

Jennifer P.
Student, 27 years old

These things are great. I put them on my sneakers to give me more grip to school floors and stop the sounds my sneakers make around the school grounds. What a great invention! My sneakers stopped making sounds, I have much more grip and a an added cushion to my sneakers as I walk.

Marty Arham
Student, 23 years old

Frequently Asked Questions

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3. How Do I Install Slide Stoppers?

Simply cut Slide Stoppers to be within the size limits of your shoe sole. Installing Slide Stoppers to your shoes or sneakers is permanent, so please make sure your cut and positioning to your sole is within the size of your shoe sole.

Does Slide Stoppers provide a cushion?

Yes! Slide Stoppers not only gives you anti slip confidence, they also provide a cushion between your feet and the ground or terrain your walking on.

Does Slide Stoppers work on Sneakers?

Yes! Slippery sneakers can cause you major injury. You can feel the difference of Slide Stoppers the minute you apply our product to your sneakers. You will feel the confident grip on virtually any surface along with a cushion between your feet and the ground surface.

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About Us

How was Slide Stoppers Invented? I was speed walking on the boardwalk with a slight ice covering and slipped and fell.  I looked down and saw my sneakers were smooth with little to no traction.  I then noticed my shoes were worse with leather soles which made them very slippery.

A woman’s high heels are even worse as they have a very small surface with no traction.  I tried a few solutions on the market which fell off easily and didn’t work at all.  The alternative was a removable solution which was cumbersome and had large steel spikes which is not suitable in the spring, summer or fall seasons.

The unique aspect about my product is the 75 small rubber spikes on each strip which grasp any surface very firmly. The very strong adhesive that bonds to the sole of any shoe keeps them on permanently. In addition they are very comfortable and provide a shock absorbent type of feeling when worn. Also they serve to prolong the life of your shoes soles, causing less direct wear on your shoe’s sole surface.

Restaurants now require employees to purchase expensive non slip sneakers which are very expensive and do not work nearly as well as as ours. Our Side Stoppers come in one size yet can easily be customized to fit any shoe size.

Non Slip Confidence!

There is no need to fall first to realize your shoes are slippery. Don’t wait until you fall or slip. Don’t put your health and well being at risk. Be proactive and purchase Slide Stoppers! Our product gives you Non-Slip Confidence!

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